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This is Live DJ Groove Bingo

An opportunity to offer live music with guaranteed enjoyment from your guests.


Our mission at Groove Booking is to provide high-quality entertainment services that bring excitement and joy to our clients and their guests. We understand that paying for live music is a potentially risky investment in hopes of bringing in guests.

We want to help establishments draw in a diverse crowd by incorporating the classic game of Bingo with a modern twist of music and entertainment.


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How it works for the client

- Our skilled Bingo DJ's run an entertaining, energetic, and dynamic  2-hour Bingo event, featuring 4-5 games that are sure to keep the crowd engaged and having a great time.


- We provide flexibility in how the games are presented. Whether you have TVs available in your establishment or not, we've got you covered. If you do, we can easily connect our system to your TV screens via an HDMI cable, or we can run the games without a TV screen. The TV’’s are simply there to display the Bingo Call Numbers and Bingo Call Sheet throughout the entirety of the event. We will also run our audio through your main audio network or provide sound if necessary. 


- Our handpicked DJ's have fun and engaging personalities that will entertain the crowd, interact with customers, answer questions, and most importantly, ensure that everyone is having a blast!


How it Works for the Player

- Own a cell phone? Great! It's that easy. Scan the QR code on our DJ booth or one of the TV screens and be entered into a  game room. From there, the host DJ will explain everything to get started on winning prizes in our fun-filled game.


Game Options

- Want to play good ol' Bingo with a letter and number? We have that! Want to make the game a bit more interesting and test your music knowledge? We offer the option of Themed Music Bingo Games! Our DJ's will play a variety of songs from a specific era or genre, such as a 90's Themed Music Bingo Event featuring a playlist of popular hits from that decade. During the game, the DJ will play 20-30 seconds of each song and participants will need to recognize the song's Artist and Title and check their Bingo cards for a match. The first person to mark off a normal Bingo wins the game!

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  • Sunday-Thursday: $300

  • Friday and Saturday: $400

All packages are 2 hours and  include;

  • DJ / Emcee w/ complete speaker(s) (If necessary)

  • Full Bingo Setup

  • Laptop w/ Bingo software


We'll provide the entertainment and excitement, and you can provide the prizes that will keep your guests coming back for more. Whether it's a free drink, a gift card, or a fun trinket, prizes are a great way to reward your guests and create a buzz around your establishment.


Popular prizes for restaurants/ lounges/ bars:

  • Free Drinks

  • Complimentary Slot Play (If applicable)

  • Comped Meal

  • Gift Cards ($10, $25, $50, $100 increments)


Popular prizes for hotels/resorts:

  • Round of golf

  • Day pool pass

  • Stay-cation Discount


Increased Revenue: By offering a fun and engaging event like our  Groove DJ Bingo service, your establishment can attract new customers, keep them entertained, and increase sales of food, drinks, and other items.

Customer Engagement: Groove DJ Bingo creates a lively and interactive atmosphere that keeps guests engaged and entertained throughout the event, making them more likely to return in the future.

Easy to Implement: Our DJ Bingo service is easy to set up and requires minimal equipment, making it a low-risk and cost-effective way to boost revenue and attract new customers.

Overall, Groove Booking's DJ Bingo service offers a range of benefits to establishments that are looking to attract new customers, differentiate themselves from competitors, and provide a fun, dynamic and engaging experience for their guests.

So why wait? Let Groove Booking bring the fun and excitement of Groove DJ Bingo to your establishment and take your event to the next level!

Contact us today to book your event & let's get the Bingo party started!


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