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Booking and Scheduling

We hope you take the time to read below this, but here is what the full scheduling package includes:
  • Your entire wanted music calendar booked and always managed 3 months in advance

  • Highest quality Groove Booking approved entertainment

  • Weekly social media posts designed for your business that we hope you advertise

  • Full access to our member site where you can view all entertainment profiles, and an up to date music calendar for your business

  • Easy to use online payments from our invoices. One weekly or monthly payment to us and we handle paying all of the entertainment ourselves

If you have time for a little more reading...

Booking and scheduling sound like the same thing, but we consider them separate services. When we are asked to book entertainment for an event, or wedding, we consider this a premium service. Groove Booking's goal is to help clients understand how important and necessary it is to have some type of entertainment at an event!


Yeah, yeah, the entertainment company is pushing entertainment, of course! But to us, it's much more than that. We are helping create a memorable experience. 

A good DJ, or artist/band at your wedding or event can make or break the entire evening. At Groove Booking, we ourselves, and the people we book for events are all entertainers. An entertainer is a personality, providing a show, an experience; a fun memory. We are helping the event flow from activity to the next. That song you forgot about, played out of nowhere by the DJ brings you right back to a great memory. This may all sound a bit intense to describe what we do, but think for one second the impact that music has on your every day life, and we hope that explains why we do what we do at Groove Booking.


A special event is one thing, but being an establishment offering frequent live music is a whole other discussion. Groove Booking has booked weekly entertainment for many establishments since 2017, and continues to do so. 

Whether you're wanting a DJ for a midnight dance party, or an acoustic musician during dinner hours, both are important tools to grab, and keep guests eating and drinking. Ya know, spending money!

"But live music is expensive" Actually, not really.

A simple example is if you keep a table of 4 for an extra hour and they order 8 total drinks, let's say that's an extra $80. Where can I find these $10 drinks??

This same thing happens with 3-4 tables? That makes up for the cost of an acoustic musician for 3 hours, plus extra income for the client.

We are here to benefit YOUR business! This is truly a "help me help you" situation. We all make our living utilizing our talents, and we want to use our talents to attract and keep people at your business. It ain't rocket science. It's music science!

Scheduling multiple music slots per week is actually kind of science; to us at least. We are experienced at balancing a good mix of entertainers providing different vibes, while still maintaining the overall theme of your business. We are trying to appease every one of your guests to keep them coming back to see what's next! Bringing back favorite entertainers while providing new entertainers to keep things fresh is something we've been proven to do well with many clients now. 

We hope you give us a shot!


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