Chad Wilson Bailey

Chad Wilson Bailey has traveled the world performing music. The artist commonly referred to as ‘CWB’ settled in Phoenix, AZ in 2007. Blending genres, he mixes elements of classic rock, alternative rock, jazz, coffee house, ambient textures as well as blues/country and other fundamental musical styles. Each set list is uniquely curated for specific venues and clients’ needs.  CWB performs nearly 300 shows per year at wine bars and restaurants to large corporate events and weddings.  With over 1,000 songs in his repertoire, he loves honoring requests from audience members and clients. Each show is sure to be authentic, memorable, interactive, and fun! Chad Wilson Bailey has also released three albums of original music, some of which has been distributed globally by Universal Music Group.  CWB is one of Arizona’s most requested artists and often books shows and events up to a year in advance, so make your request for this artist today!