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Live music consulting? That's a thing? Consulting is an equally requested service as often as our scheduling. This service is perfect for a client needing higher quality entertainers to complete their live music calendars. We understand not every client has the budget for us to completely handle all of the scheduling, although you may want to check into all that it offers, and how easy we make it for you...

But still, we understand!

Because of that, we offer 3 one time fee consulting packages to get you set up.

Finding top-notch, reliable entertainers is no easy task. With this package, we can customize a set number of proven entertainers for a one time fee.


Option 1 - (5) Groove Booking approved artists 


Option 2 - (10) Groove Booking approved artists 

Option 3 - Unlimited access to our client portal with more than 80 artist's profiles 


We aren't expecting you to pay for a package, and then risk the artist not wanting to play at your establishment. Once a package is selected, we will take care of the contracts between you and the artist to guarantee a certain number of dates they must play by contract, for an agreed upon price. This option is taking away our scheduling fee, but still guaranteeing our A-class entertainers that have been proven at 100's of events and gigs.  

Hit the BOOK NOW button for pricing!



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