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Dead City Revival is an American Rock band out of Phoenix Arizona. The band, consisting of Brad Reese (Lead Vocalist/Rhythm Guitarist), Lawrence McClure Jr. (Bass Guitarist), and Alan Wells (Lead Guitarist) focus on a head bobbing, groove based sound. Dirty stacked overdrives, low-end beauty, and raw passion filled vocals take you on a soul searching journey. Formally called Burnin’ Phoenix (2006-2015), the band spent most of it’s time playing shows around AZ with the occasional tours in Europe until the guys called it quits in 2015, focusing on life and family. Missing the music, in late 2022, Brad and Lawrence decided to get back at it.  They decided to rebrand the band under “Dead City Revival”. 


“Revamping the sound has been key for us” comments Brad. Blending the feels of 70’s and 90’s style rock with a hint of some Southern goodness, Dead City Revival brings to life American Desert Rock hoping to share with all who are willing to listen. 

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