Tanner Siegfort "DJ Tanner"


Tanner Siegfort is the owner of Groove Booking. In the picture above you may be wondering why a DJ has a picture of him drumming. This is where you'll most commonly see Tanner publicly, is playing drums for Nashville recording artist Jacob Morris.


In late 2020, Tanner decided to take his DJ skills to weddings, events, and the restaurants that he books himself like Culinary Dropout.  

Tanner is very well rounded on genres and vibes, perfect for setting the tone of your event! Along with being a professional drummer and now DJ, he also leads worship at Central Christian Church, and also plays guitar on live events as well. The nice part about this; especially for weddings is, Tanner is an all in one package. He is able to sing and play guitar for ceremony and/or cocktail hour, and transfer over to DJ'ing for the reception.  With dozens of weddings and events in multiple states under his belt, Tanner is a great choice for any wedding.

"I strive for bringing the perfect mood to an event. Whether it's a club like reception with hip-hop, or a more chill vibe with more appropriate music, I feel comfortable with all. I've been blessed to be able to do so many things within the music industry, and it's all made me comfortable for any setting".