DJ Ashwagandha

Paris, also known as “Ashwagandha”, grew up in Phoenix, AZ. At a young age, he developed an unconditional love for artists such as Sade, Anita Baker, Michael Jackson, Al Green, and plenty more legends. "Love to my great-grandmother who introduced me to these great sounds", Paris says.


By observing the dramatic change in music, Paris realized that the 80s & 90s genre of music is still so powerful 30-40 years later. Going out to nightclubs he noticed that not many DJ’s here in Arizona would play Sade, Anita Baker, etc.  In 2018, Paris purchased DJ equipment with the goal of bringing people together. He began by creating events for musicians in the community called, “Thursday Night Jam Sessions” (this gave opportunity to ALL local talent to perform with him and others). These “Jam Sessions” became a local sensation, as talent from all over the valley would be given a space to showcase their skills, and gain more recognition. Creating such a successful environment for artists to share their talents was only the start to a thriving music career.  Paris then partnered with Roosevelt Row District who was responsible for First Fridays. This event would easily bring in 15,000+ attendees in the downtown Phoenix area. Being responsible for music on First Fridays each month allowed Paris to create an environment that people truly enjoyed. His music selection, in which he would play old school music, resonated strongly with my crowds.

"Time after time, I would make personal connections with crowd members. These crowd members would often inquire about hiring me for events they were hosting.  My experiences during these efforts to bring togetherness in my hometown through music has been very humbling for me".


With continued success, he decided to create an event production team named “Desert Sol Events”. As of recently, Paris now adds in other musicians to his live DJ shows, making his craft very unique with very few DJ's doing the same. DJ Ashwagandha is a must have for any event!