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     Classic, modern, with flair. 


A year after starting Groove Booking, owner Tanner Siegfort decided to start his own project to be Groove Booking's official band. TEMPO is a band made up of other artists that are booked by Groove Booking.  Although the band is primarily a four piece, any number of musicians can easily be added to accommodate any request, such as horn players and percussionists. 

This band is perfect for any sort of event including weddings, corporate events, night clubs, and even opening act for national acts.

Where TEMPO sets itself apart is playing the songs not your typical dance band plays. Our setlist is carefully put together with hits from the 60's to today, taking on challenging songs that are too good not to include. From Fall Out Boy to Keith Urban, TEMPO plays almost every genre for all age groups and audiences of different music tastes to enjoy.

We hope you like what you see and hear, and book TEMPO for your event!

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