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Gustavo Anegeles


Gustavo Angeles is a passionate guitarist, singer, composer and songwriter from Mexico City, Mexico, who can combine a fusion of musical styles in Latin Rock, Flamenco, Blues, Classic Rock.

Gustavo has been performing professionally for over 25 years and began playing guitar at age 11 when he would sneak the effort to learn how to play his older brother’s instruments while he was away. He received formal training in Mexico City’s SUTM Music School during his teen stage. In 2002, he was inspired to receive formal Flamenco training from Jose Del Valle “Chuscales” a guitarist of consummate skill and a profound understanding of the Flamenco traditions. However, Ernie Chavarria also known as “El Maestro” began mentoring Gustavo for a number of years between 2000 – 2008.

After fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a professional musician in Mexico City, Mexico, Gustavo later moved to Cancun where he spent years cutting his teeth playing Classic Rock in the lucrative Hotel Zone. In the mid 90’s, he moved to Phoenix Arizona pursuing a “Bigger Dream” when he and his brother “Paco” founded “Casa de Locos,” which was one of the very first Rock En Espanol Bands in Arizona. In 2002, Gustavo collaborated and worked on a Cascabel CD with Quetzal Guerrero.Around the year 2000, a thirst for more musical knowledge landed him to experiment with different genres of music and styles and he began to learn to play “tres Cubano” during a trip to Havana, Cuba. The ability to play different styles has given Gustavo the opportunity to travel the world in places such as Cuba, Sweden, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and the United States – opening for acts such as Juanes, Ozomatli, Los Lobos, Arturo Sandoval, Alejandra Guzman.

In 2014, Gustavo’s music was licensed on two episodes of East Los High– a five-time Emmy nominated Hulu original series created, written, and produced by Wise Entertainment, that revolves around the lives of a group of teens (with an all Latino cast and crew) navigating their final years at a fictional high school in East LA.

Today, Gustavo continues to create music with some of the most talented musicians living in Arizona, Los Angeles, California, Ecuador, Mexico, and Colombia. He recently moved his studio and continues to create and source out his studio to fellow musicians who want to create music.

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