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Hot Mess

      Since late 2011, Hot Mess has been working their way around the Western Dance Hall circuit, playing from Sacramento to El Paso and everywhere in between. They’ve made their name on a polished high-energy show covering Top-40 Country, 90’s Country and a little Pop and Classic Rock sprinkled in. They’ve performed over 800 shows since their inception in 2011 and have performed with artists spanning all genres including, Jason Aldean, Florida-Georgia Line, Vanilla Ice and Tim McGraw.

      After years of playing covers, Hot Mess has developed their show to be extraordinary, taking popular Country songs and covering them the “Hot Mess way,” which includes thoughtful arrangements with incredible energy and musicianship; a high energy show built for the most exciting events. 

      Hot Mess has earned themselves longstanding residencies at honkytonks in the Phoenix area and commit themselves to professionalism, perfection and the best possible experience for the places they work with and those in attendance. They’ve become a go-to house band for The Grizzly Rose in Denver, as well as many other venues from Arizona to Reno. 

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