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Well, it’s hard prove it until you start offering it, but as a professional musician myself I’ll tell you what I see from the side most people don’t get to see.  


Live music creates a positive, happy energy. Nothing gave me better perspective on that until live music went away, and then came back after the COVID pandemic. 

The joy on people’s faces when they can hear an artist cover their favorite song, putting their own twist on it, is an emotion like any other. 


You see, you aren’t paying a musician for background noise, you’re paying for an art that creates a vibe, and ultimately creates more sales, and returning customers. 


Business at an establishment is all about two things: 

1. You’re either turning a lot of tables because the food, and/or the atmosphere is great, which live music lends a huge hand to.

2. You’re keeping customers drinking later than what you’re used to at your business. 


Again, with myself first being a professional musician, and for the past 4 years being a booking agent, and entertainment consultant, I understand both sides.  

If I walk into a restaurant and there’s just background music playing, I have no want to stay any longer. If there’s an artist or DJ playing, subconsciously, I’m in a better mood. I may spend more money. I may stay longer for more drinks. 

Of course if the music is too loud and obnoxious, and I want to talk to friends, I also may leave. But most of the time I’ll be having a conversation, and the artist starts playing a favorite John Mayer tune of mine, and all of a sudden I say “oh wow I love this song”, or “I haven’t heard this song in forever”!

I stay for another hour because I’m now captured and want to hear what else this artist has. I even want to hear their originals!


Why do hundreds of thousands of people pay $100 plus for a concert ticket on the regular? Because being in a group of people enjoying music is a feeling you cannot replicate. And whether it’s a big concert setting or at your local restaurant, it promotes the same feeling. 


I encourage you to try live music, whether it be a live acoustic musician, a full band, or even a DJ mixing unique versions of songs. You’d be very surprised what it would do for your establishment.

How Can Having Live Music Benefit Your Establishment?

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