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Mariachi Rubor

Mariachi Rubor is Mariachi entertainment at its finest & a crowd favorite! This group takes great pride in keeping this beautiful genre alive and entertains audiences with their breathtaking presentations.  


These women combine beauty, tradition & passion, making them one of the most unique all-female ensembles today! 

All members, Mariachicas, come from a variety of cultural & musical backgrounds and bring a wide assortment of experience to the group.  Mariachi Rubor has numerous members with advanced degrees including, a Doctor of Musical Arts, education, nursing, communication, criminal justice, human resources & finance.  One of the Mariachicas is also an active police officer & guard member.


Mariachi Rubor has received special recognition, numerous times, for their participation in the incredible community of Mariachi.   They have participated in some of the most important International Mariachi & music Festivals and have shared the stage with the finest Mariachis in the world.  

Mariachi Rubor has a long list of happy clients and venues performed at including:


Celebrity Theater, The Van Buren, Crescent Ballroom, Music Instrument Museum, Arizona State University, The Phoenix Orpheum,  ALAC, Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix Art Museum, MMA Combate America, Rosarito International Beach Mariachi Festival, International Mariachi Women’s Festival, Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi y Charreria, Festival de la Mujer Mariachi, among many others!

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