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Groove Booking Music Connection

Coming Summer of 2023

"Groove Booking Music Connection" is our way of connecting people looking for live music, with your establishment. Every week we post our live music schedule for your establishment. We can also feature an "influencer style post" where one of Groove Booking's assistants shows a date night at your establishment, featuring video of the entire space, things to do, food and drinks, and of course live music. 


With social media being the largest way of advertising these days, we are doing everything we can to benefit your establishment and bring people in with live music!


We have partnered with popular Arizona influencers to advertise Groove Booking, leading to many more thousands of followers.


With plans of investing with influencers, and paid social media advertising in the Summer of 2023, we look forward to continue building our brand, and promoting the great establishments we work with along the way. We are passionate about live music, and plan to use live music to benefit all businesses involved.

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