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Ray Flagg

Ray Flagg is a renowned R&B and jazz saxophonist whose musical journey began at the tender age of 10. Growing up in a household where music was always at the forefront, Ray's father, a talented guitarist, played a significant role in igniting his passion for music. Fascinated by the sounds of the saxophone, Ray picked up the instrument and discovered a natural talent for playing.


As Ray progressed in his musical skills, he sought guidance from professional saxophonist Dominic Amato, who recognized his potential and became his mentor. Under Amato's tutelage, Ray flourished, honing his craft and gaining a deep understanding of the saxophone's nuances.


Throughout his school years, Ray demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication to his art. His undeniable skills on the saxophone earned him a music scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music. There, he had the privilege of studying under the renowned saxophonist Walter Beasley, who further fueled his passion for jazz and R&B.


At the young age of 18, Ray Flagg showcased his musical prowess by composing and producing his first album. Undeterred by the challenges faced by independent artists, he tirelessly promoted his music at shows and on the streets, gradually building a local following.

Born in 1986, Ray Flagg came of age during the birth of hip-hop, a genre that greatly influenced his musical aspirations. Intrigued by the fusion of poetry and rhythm in hip-hop music, he embarked on a creative mission to merge these elements with the classic sounds of jazz and modern R&B. Inspired by the sensuality and soulfulness of 90s R&B, Ray sought to bring a similar experience to his generation through the enchanting melodies of his saxophone.


Fast forward to the present day, Ray Flagg has become a celebrated figure in the vibrant music scene of Phoenix, Arizona. For more than five years, he has been playing professionally alongside esteemed artists such as the Gaines brothers, Vaughn Will, and the well ear Candy Band. He has also had the privilege to perform with the Kool and the Gang tribute band and various other renowned bands in the valley such the Aaron Nelson Project band and Reminisce.


Not content with solely being a skilled musician, Ray Flagg established his own band and entertainment company in 2019, aptly named 360 Sound by Flagg Entertainment . Through this platform, he offers a unique and captivating musical experience, showcasing his versatility and talent as a saxophonist.

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