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TJ Rifkin

"Hot Mess"

TJ Rifkin is a solo/duo/trio/full band artist in Phoenix, AZ that has played all over the United States covering every genre from Top 40 or Country and Motown, to Classic Rock and singer-songwriter. Playing 5-7 times weekly around some of the most premier venues in the Phoenix Valley, TJ is a diverse and well rounded performer/entertainer that has just the right taste for any venue or demographic. Playing with various bands and artists, TJ can cater to any size event or venue and do so with excellence. Leading and playing guitar at one of the largest churches in the United States (CCV) in addition to his performing shows his level of professionalism and excellence. With original music out on all platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google) TJ is more than a cover artist and hopes to have a new full length EP released in 2023. Whether you need music for a quiet and mild mannered wedding or pop gig, or a face melting classic rock show, TJ can do it all. 

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