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Vinyl Station

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Vinyl Station is a medium rock band from Phoenix, AZ.


About a minute ago, they decided to stop pretending they still have someone who writes their bios. However, now working with Groove Booking, they have someone to help. (Hi, I'm the owner Tanner Siegfort).


Vinyl Station have been at it since 2010. They started by gigging many nights a week in, and around AZ before getting picked up to tour with Rob Thomas. They toured the US and played to a ton of people who had never heard of them, gaining many thousands of fans along the way.


They also played in front of a bunch of record label people who all passed on signing us, until finally finding a label who was willing to sign us and got some really good songs done. "That felt very good and we are proud of the songs". When not touring, they continue to play regularly across Arizona as one of the most well known and popular bands.


"We hope to see you at a show soon. We keep doing those because it's fun to get into each song with you like a big hot tub".


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